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Kyiv, Ukraine

74 m2

Let's start our journey of 74 m2 of elegance and comfort from a petite corridor that smoothly flows into the kitchen with the help of furniture construction.
The kitchen backsplash together with the shelf, as well as the countertop, is made of large format tiles. The customers did not have a request for a full-fledged living room TV area, which freed up a lot of space and gave us the opportunity to put a round dining table. And instead of a sofa and a TV, there is an armchair and bookshelves, which are mounted in a black wooden cube that contains a bathroom.

In addition to the sleeping area, the bedroom has a make-up table with a large mirror, which, if necessary, can also serve as a workplace. On the opposite side of the window in the bedroom there are two sliding doors through which you can enter the wardrobe.

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