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We are Polina Volkova and Olga Novak. We started out working with design studios YODEZEEN, Bernd Gruber etc. but later launched our own project ACIID Studio. Since 2020, we have been creating functional design that combines aesthetics and precision, comfort and practicality.


The acronym "ACID" refers to the four properties of the transaction: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. It perfectly describes what we do — every step is balanced, every action is coordinated, and the result is for a lifetime.


The double "i" in the studio name is a reminder of the main focus of our work — individuality. We reveal the essence of every project and make it unique. 

ACIID Studio provides architectural, interior design and product design services. We work in residential, hospitality and retail fields. Starting from the powerful concept we fully accompany the project to the final realization. 

We gonna treat your space well!



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