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Kyiv, Ukraine

38 m2

Photo credits:

Yevhenii Avramenko

When designing this apartment we followed a minimalistic style, supported by structural and functional solutions individually suited to this project and the client. For the color scheme we chose natural and subdued shades. 


The layout that was originally provided by the developer was redesigned, the bedroom entrance was moved from the corridor to the open space, thus space for a storage area in the corridor was increased. The bathroom was also made a little more spacious.

The main idea of the kitchen was to get rid of the L-shaped work surface and divide it into two parts. The first is open for cooking and meeting guests, the second is closed for appliances in a cabinet. The decision of visual separation of this parts was made too, it was achieved by making the design of the storage area in the kitchen identical to the entrance wardrobe. What is unusual is that in this kitchen you will not find open outlets. They are hidden with usb plugs in the upper cabinets in order to keep the kitchen backsplash visually clean.


The dining and TV area are combined into one to leave more free space but keep the zones functional. The loose covered custom sofa and playful Mila by Magis chairs add cosiness and flamboyance. The mirror by the sink visually enlarges the bathroom. The faux ceiling window scatters the light and thus creates a natural daylight in the room. Behind the toilet in the closet the technical unit is hidden, the drain button is made away from the toilet for ease of use and to support the composition with a hygienic shower. Ceramic table in the shower handmade by Sofika Ceramics.


We could not resist to design the furniture in this apartment too, both bedside tables in the bedroom are made individually according to our drawings. The glass wall lamp is from NN ZVIR. Mission accomplished successfully, you feel at home in this snug apartment from the very first step.

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