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Seoul, South Korea

320 m2

This project we made for luxury multi-brand showroom is made in the style of cyber futurism. The main idea that permeates the entire design of the project is to evoke emotions and feelings in the buyer, to encourage him to a sense of grandeur and awe as when visiting an ancient palace, to feel tiny in relation to the high ceiling and pomp.


The large-scale monochrome space radiates coolness. The center of the visual composition is the fitting room, which looks like a space alien ship or a drop of liquid, or even a living creature.  Human nature is frightening and at the same time attracts the unknown and unusual, this is the effect we wanted to achieve by making the dressing room in a black glossy volume in the center of the room. We also took care of the comfort of waiting in front of the dressing room with two massage chairs.


The white walls of the showroom allow the customer to concentrate on the products being sold and a black clothes rack runs perimeterally along all the walls of the showroom. The cool gray, slightly glossy concrete floor reflects the room, making it even more majestic.


The reception consisting of digital modules displays pictures from the campaigns of the brands sold in the showroom.

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