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Kyiv, Ukraine

180 m2

The interior is designed in functional minimalism, no excesses. Due to the light color scheme, the interior came out spacious and visually clean. Dark elements acted as accents and wood textures created a cozy atmosphere. Simple and sophisticated forms of furniture, light and decor add elegance to the interior. And the use of a natural stone only emphasizes it.

We decided to divide the whole living space by partitions and sliding systems to open space to the limits, but also keep the feeling that you can retire in any room if you wanted to. Kitchen and living space are united in one big room, which is separated with hall and home office by sliding doors. Office and bedroom splited up by a full height cabinet. 

The highlight of the project is a large shelf for vinyl records in the living room, which is the main element of the apartment's decor, decorating it with its own graphic pattern. 

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