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Nail salon

Wrocław, Poland

70 m2

Shen story began with request from the owners to do interior design and branding for a nail salon in the center of Wrocław, Poland. We immediately fell in love with the space which become our canvas for creativity and most of all we were fascinatedby the large showcase windows, we decided accentuate them.


The main idea was to make something that would catch the eye, inviting the client to visit the salon. At the same time we wanted to make this space atmospheric and calming, deciding that nothing is as relaxing as spending time in nature, right? That's when the idea of ropes hanging from the ceiling came up. All lighting is slightly hidden in the ropes and illuminates them, creating beautiful patterns on the walls, imitating the shadows of the reeds from the sun. The advantages of this idea are huge: there was no need to demolish the existing ceiling and internal communications; the structure is visible from the street, through the windows, which does not leave passers-by indifferent.


The shadows weren't just our design tool in interior design, we used them in branding as well. Shen prices and buissness cards have a visual design that helps you to immediate connection to the place and the experiance you had at the salon. We made the signage for the salon with curvy playful letters, and picked fonts and colors to use in all the printouts. 

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