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Kyiv, Ukraine

65 m2

Photo credits:

Yevhenii Avramenko

The request of the client for the design was to make it timeless airy and without unnecessary decorative elements, where the main accessories of the apartment are: form, texture and reflect.


We present you a space filled with light in which white walls and warm shades of wood serve as a refuge for the owner from the hustle and bustle of the city.

In order to close the visual access to the living area from the front door, we have separated the hallway from the office and bedroom with a solid construction of static and sliding wooden partitions. The living room in this apartment is non-standard and translates the individual needs of the owners. There is no cushioned area in the apartment for watching TV, this space is freed up for exercise and yoga.


Taking into account the home lifestyle today, a feature of the apartment is a floating desk along the windows which was constructed to be completely removable if it won’t be needed.


Being in complete freedom of furniture selection - we brought vintage kitchen chairs from Amsterdam. The lamp above dinning table and side tables in bedroom are designed by our studio.

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